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2017-18 Bing Overseas Studies Photo Contest

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Photo Contest Winners, from top

  1. Picking Tea in the Fields by Tiger (Tian Ge) Zhou

    Academic Pursuit Winner, Spring 2017-18

    “Several students including myself undertook a journey to Wazuka village, south of Kyoto, to visit a tea farm for a volunteer experience. We spent two days there, learning about how tea is cultivated processed, and prepared. It was meticulous and laborious work, but due to help and generosity of the farmers, we had an amazing experience that stimulated our senses and knowledge. The beauty of the leaves, which were freshly picked, steamed, rolled, and steeped, thoroughly enriched our health and spirit.”

  2. Wallaby Rehabilitation by Christina Savvides

    Academic Pursuit, Honorable Mention. Australia, Autumn 2017-18

    “For two weeks we lived in the mountains in Far North Queensland. Claire, one of our teachers, also volunteered to rehabilitate wallabies. Every evening we could go to the house to feed the wallabies. Here my friend Stephanie is feeding on of the wallabies that unfortunately is unable to be released because of becoming too habituated to humans (before Claire got him)."

  3. One Volcano, Two Tourists, and Three Lagoons by Marilu Bravo

    Bing Trips Winner Santiago, Spring 2017-18

    “The Lagunas Altiplanicas in San Pedro de Atacama are surrounded by mountains and active volcanoes nearly 14,000m above sea level. Lava flow accounts for the separation of the lagoons.”

  4. Sunrise By Dorian Lumarque

    Bing Trips Honorable Mention Teide Madrid, Winter 2017-18

    “This picture was taken after a long night of working in the Teide Observatory with our Astronomy class. We were all pretty tired because we only had intermittent sleep between the turns we took at operating the telescope, but seeing the sunrise at the top of this mountain was an incredible sight that I won't soon forget!”

  5. Plaza de Fútbol by Jessica Hagan

    Cultures, Customs and Traditions Winner Santiago, Summer 2016-17

    “After Chile won the FIFA Confederations Cup Semifinals game against Portugal, a long-standing rival, hundreds of excited, energetic fans gathered in Plaza Italia to celebrate. A few classmates and I joined the crowd to sing the patriotic cheers of Chile, and I caught this waving flag just as the light of dusk was passing through it."

  6. Reflections on Fire by Renee Cai

    Cultures, Customs and Traditions Honorable Mention.  Kyoto, Autumn 2017-18

    “Every autumn, locals and tourists alike flock to Kyoto's temples at night to view the brilliant illuminations of momiji, or red maple leaves, with loved ones and friends. At Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji, the reflection of the leaves in the mirror-like water makes the whole world seem ablaze in dazzling colors. Located in the far east of Kyoto at the foot of the mountains, it took a while to reach, but the journey was totally worth it. Nothing can fully describe or replicate this feeling of serenity in the temple gardens at night -- holding a hot can of sweet red bean soup purchased from a nearby vending machine and gazing in awe at the beauty of the autumn leaves.”

  7. Two Views of Clun Castle by Clare Tandy

    Photo Favorite Winner,  UK-Nottingham. Overseas Seminar, Summer 2016-17

    “This is one of my favorite photos from the Nottingham seminar. We had stopped for lunch at the ruins of Clun Castle on the Welsh and English border, and throughout the seminar were encouraged to keep a journal and occasionally submit creative pieces that would build toward a final group website. I hadn’t sketched much recently, but decided to give it a try. I enjoyed the plein air aspect, and appreciate how creating art in a place enriches the memories and experience of being there.”

  8. Colorful Day by Kelsey Sry

    Photo Favorite Honorable Mention. Florence, Spring 2017-18

    “My roommate, Miso Kim, and I went to Burano for the weekend. Miso and I actually met on the very first day of moving into Stanford. We met during the band run. I got too lazy to run after Stanford’s band and lost track of people in my dorm. I was walking alone for a while until I saw someone else who was also walking, Miso. I approached her and we talked for a while. From then on, I saw her like once in a blue moon. Now here we are in Florence 2-3 years later. We’re like together 24/7. It’s so interesting to ponder about why people come into our lives and if we’ll ever cross paths again in the future. Miso became my favorite buddy and we went all over Italy and Europe together. My Italian host mom called me the crazy sister.”

  9. Lumieres by Julia Todderud

    Urban & Natural World Winner.  Paris, Spring 2017-18

    “A new immersive art exhibit had just opened, where the entire room was turned into the canvas for the display of beautiful paintings set to music. It was incredible to be surrounded by the works of artists as they swirled across the ground and walls.”

  10. A River of Fog as Seen from Devil’s Peak by Nahla Gedeon Achi

    Urban & Natural World Honorable Mention.  Cape Town, Autumn 2017-18

    “I took this photo while hiking Devil's Peak. Not only was the view breathtaking - giving a peak of Cape Town's vast expanse as well as the nature it is nestled in -, this hike provided me with an important five hours of reflection. Every day of our quarter in Cape Town taught me knew things about myself, humans in general, and, the world at large. Finding time to understand and assimilate these lessons was sometimes difficult, which is why I cherished this hike so much. Seeing and thinking about Cape Town's urban infrastructure, however, is also difficult, for it is still so imbued with the legacy of apartheid. Whenever I had the chance to overlook the city from the mountains, I had to remind myself not to get too caught up in its beauty; that beauty, unfortunately, hides too much history of injustice and inequality."