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Berlin photo by Robin Willscheidt.


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The Stanford Program in Berlin is designed to expose students to the vibrant culture and agitated history of Germany. Most classes explore Berlin’s unique history by integrating their syllabi with the rich cultural life of the city—public lectures, excursions such as the H.G.Will Trip to a recent or prospective EU member state, discussions with Berliners, museum visits, film and theater festivals, sports events, and attendance at community events are incorporated into the program.

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Photo: The Train Behind the Wall by Avery Tallman.
Berlin, Autumn 2018-19

The Train Behind the Wall by Avery Tallman Berlin, Autumn 2018-19

Hear about BOSP Berlin and the Krupp Internship Program first-hand from peers, alumni, and the Berlin Team. Featuring: Karen Kramer (Director), Wolf Junghanns (Internship Coordinator), and Berlin Program Alumni: Kyle Feliciano, Josie Flohr, Annina Hanlon, Carly Lave, and Justin Braun.

Student Ambassadors

share their first-hand experiences about the program, what led them to choose the program, and some of the challenges they faced while studying abroad. Dive deeper into 'a day in the life' while abroad, as a particular student experience may help you decide if this program is right for you.

What I Did in Berlin

My time in Berlin with Stanford was the most academically challenging quarter I have experienced. I say this because the courses were unlike anything I have ever experienced. The courses did not end in the classroom, every night my cohort had a cultural event to attend. This was both amazing and allowed me to really experience Berlin, but also meant that the classroom was the entire city, and courses lasted from 9am-9pm. 
Josie Flohr

Robin Willscheidt

Robin (RJ) Willscheidt

Political Science, Spring 2016-17
Berlin is both a political and artistic hotspot, so I often had the opportunity to practically explore my fields. There was always something going on that I wanted to see.