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Non-Stanford Study Abroad Opportunities

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BOSP advises current Stanford students on the policies and procedures for participating in a non-Stanford Study Abroad Program, signs study abroad approval forms, and conducts transfer credit evaluation for coursework already completed abroad.

While credit is guaranteed on Stanford-operated overseas programs, it is not guaranteed on non-Stanford study abroad programs. There are no approved programs. At this time, pre-approval for non-Stanford study abroad transfer credit is not possible. Students considering non-Stanford programs should carefully read the Stanford University transfer credit policy conditions prior to committing to their participation.

What are Non-Stanford Study Abroad Programs?

Non-Stanford study abroad programs refer to all short-term, semester or year-long academic programs offered overseas by other U.S. higher education institutions, third-party providers or through direct enrollment in overseas institutions.

Where to Begin

Not sure how to start when considering studying overseas with a non-Stanford program?

  • Review our 10-Step Guide to learn about important University policies and procedures you need to be aware of. The guide can also direct you to helpful resources that will assist you in researching non-Stanford study abroad opportunities and will provide valuable information that will help prepare you for your study abroad experience.
  • Make an appointment to speak with a non-Stanford Programs Advisor if you have questions about the process.

Study Abroad Approval Forms

Most non-Stanford study abroad programs require a home institution’s approval to study abroad. If yours does, BOSP can assist you with this. You must first:

  • Make an appointment to speak with a non-Stanford Study Abroad Advisor.
  • Be prepared to discuss your study abroad plan, program choices, course selection, and application documents.

It will take BOSP at least 4-5 business days to process your study abroad approval form.

Transfer Credit

Academic work completed at another institution can be considered for credit if all of the Stanford University transfer credit policy conditions are met.

The Bing Overseas Studies Program evaluates requests for transfer credit for coursework already completed abroad. You can learn more about requesting transfer credit on our Request Transfer Credit page.

Once the transfer credit request has been approved and processed, only the name of the institution and the units will appear on your Stanford transcript. Courses and grades from the host institution will not appear on the Stanford transcript and will not be included in the GPA. If you plan to apply to graduate schools or for fellowships/scholarships in the future, those organizations will usually ask you to submit transcripts from all institutions attended. You must request transcripts from those institutions directly. 

Students should plan to submit complete transfer credit requests at least two months prior to the date by which they need to know the evaluation result. Processing times vary. Transfer credit requests will be reviewed in order of receipt.