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What I Did in Cape Town

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Current Ambassador

Piper Holland

Major: International Relations

Minor: Film and Media Studies

Past Cape Town Student Ambassadors

Paloma Moreno Jimenez

...I ended up taking some of my favorite classes during my time in Cape Town. I loved the focus on a more interdependent and critically engaging style of teaching. In various of my courses, professors went beyond my expectations of usual Stanford classes and pushed me to engage critically, internally and externally, with my peers and with myself, on the topics we discussed. Many times the discussions extended outside the classroom time and to our dorms and dinnertime. 

Hana Tadesse

I'm originally from Ethiopia and I've always wanted to travel to other African nations. Seeing that Cape Town is the only full-quarter study abroad program in Africa, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to travel and learn about colonialism from a country that has and continues to address its colonial past. I was also really interested in the internship opportunities the program offered. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience in Cape Town!

Grace Mueller

Studying abroad in Cape Town allowed me to open my mind to a completely new field of study that I likely would never have had the opportunity to consider while on campus. So, while my time in Cape Town did not have the direct academic benefits of contributing to my major of Biology, I was able to widen the breadth of my learning at Stanford in a way that I find extremely beneficial.

Dayonna Tucker

I was strongly encouraged by my major and other peers to apply to the program to not only compliment my studies by engaging in race relations in a different context, but to take advantage of the many opportunities that Stanford provides.