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Student Ambassador Victor Yin

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Victor Yin - BOSP Hong Kong

Victor Yin (he/him) - Hong Kong Student Ambassador

Majors: Computer Science & History
About the Photo: Above is a picture of my friends Mark and Shawn who visited me in Hong Kong. I showed them around and introduced them to the city.

About Hong Kong

For most of my life, I have lived in Hong Kong. I’ve grown up with its movies, its culture, its people and its problems. From all these years of being there, the conclusion that the city has given me is it has literally everything. If you are willing to look, there is nothing you cannot find.

East meets west. You see the British influence from the colonial era mixed with deep rooted traditional Chinese cultures. You see the international metropolis that Hong Kong is, but you also see how the beliefs of the Chinese people and the Chinese way of life dominate everything around you. You can try to guess where everyone is from, but you will never know.

One country two systems. You see the two different forms of governmental systems, you see the two different types of economies and you get to understand the two different legal systems of one country. Thirty minutes prior, you could be listening to a communist party official make a speech on one side of the border, then a short train ride later you could be back on the Hong Kong side experiencing horse racing or being part of the world’s most famous night life. Nowhere else in the world will you get to be in two such different places at the same time. There are endless opportunities that come out of that.

Capitalism. Nothing speaks more of this than Hong Kong. With some of the lowest income tax in the world, no sales tax and minimal government interference in the market, you get to see one of the freest economies operate. You get to see the dazzling wealth of the rich that masks the greatest wealth inequality in the world. You see the problems this creates but you also witness the dream of becoming wealthy in one of the biggest financial centers of the world. You get to understand the frustrations of being in one of the most ludicrously priced real estate markets to exist and you get to compare the bureaucracy of one system to the efficiency of next door neighbour. Look and you will find more.

There is no other city in the world I would have rather grown up in. Hong Kong will be one of the safest, most thrilling and eventful experiences of your life. Talk to me and I will tell you more.