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Request Transfer Credit For Coursework Completed Abroad

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Transfer Credit Evaluation

The Bing Overseas Studies Program references Stanford University's transfer credit policy conditions to determine the amount of transfer credit that an undergraduate can apply toward graduation requirements for coursework completed abroad during their undergraduate studies at Stanford. If you are requesting an evaluation of transfer credit of work completed prior to starting your studies at Stanford, you will need to review pre-Stanford transfer credit procedures.

You should plan to submit complete transfer credit applications at least two months prior to the date by which you need to know the evaluation result. Processing times vary.

Once transfer credit is posted to your transcript, you cannot request to have it removed.

Requesting Transfer Credit for Work Already Completed

1. Request that the host institution mail an official transcript directly to BOSP

  • Have your transcript(s) mailed directly to:

Attn: External Credit Evaluation
Bing Overseas Studies Program
Stanford University
Sweet Hall, Ground Floor
590 Escondido Mall
Stanford CA 94305-3089

2. Complete the Request for Non-Stanford Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluation Form

  • Look up and find Stanford classes that are equivalent to those you took abroad on ExploreCourses and list them appropriately.
  • Obtain course descriptions and/or syllabi for classes you took from the host institution or program provider and attach them to the Request Form.
  • Submit your completed Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation Form to BOSP via email to

Included in the request, students must provide official documentation that clearly states:

  • The Institution's accreditation (must be officially recognized)
  • The Institution's grading scale or system. Note: if a course has a 'P' or 'Pass' grade listed, then the grading scale must explicitly state what the minimum grade is to earn a passing grade. Pass grades are accepted only for courses for which letter grades were not an option and for which the standard of passing is 'B' quality work.
  • The Institution's credit system (quarter, ECTS, semester)
  • The minimum number of credits required to complete the undergraduate Bachelor's program at the Institution (this must be from an official source, such as a course catalog)
  • The level of coursework (transfer credit can only be awarded for college-level work)

Students are encouraged to purchase a third-party, course-by-course international transcript translation and evaluation service, as most of these services include all of the above-mentioned information. Some examples of these services are:

Please note that all documentation must be in the English language (or all documentation must have a certified English translation). BOSP will determine which classes are transferable and will contact you if your assistance is required with the transfer credit process, and notify you of the result via email. You may be requested to supply additional information.

Processing time varies, but the transfer credit for the approved courses will appear on both your Stanford unofficial and official transcripts generally within two months AFTER BOSP has received your official transcript, provided that the courses have been completed successfully and your documents are in order. Note that transfer credit may be removed from your record if subsequent Stanford coursework duplicates transfer credit course content.

NOTE: Due to current delays in receiving and processing mail, it may take longer than usual for BOSP to receive your official transcript and process your request.