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Tutorial Syllabi Archive

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Before applying to the Oxford program, you need to have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve in a tutorial and the flexibility to define a topic that can be addressed by an Oxford tutor. Choosing a possible tutorial subject requires preparation and forethought — for your own benefit, this process should not be approached casually.

We strongly encourage you to consult with your Academic/Major Advisor(s) to discuss your possible tutorial topics. As well, take some time to look through the archive, which contain descriptions of tutorials completed by past Stanford participants. They demonstrate what types of tutorials are possible as well as help generate ideas for your own tutorial proposal.

Tutorial Archive

All documents are for individual use only, do not distribute without expressed consent. The Index contains a comprehensive listing of all tutorial syllabi in the archive. Use the Bookmarks feature in Adobe Acrobat to navigate to a specific syllabus within each subject PDF.