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Pre-Departure Videos

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Pre-Departure Video Information

There are five required videos - please watch them in the order that they are listed. Facts and information included in the videos will be featured in the Orientation Quiz.

  1. Academic Advising for Students Studying Away (0:33)
  2. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Abroad (2:31)
  3. General Travel Health And The Vaden Health Center (6:30)
  4. Office of Alcohol Policy and Education (4:15)
  5. Sexual Harassment & Staying Safe Overseas (8:50)

Academic Advising While Studying Away

Each BOSP program has a designated Undergraduate Advising Director - find out a little more about what role they can play while you are away.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Abroad

Brian Thomas from Research and Independent Studies helps explain the beginning steps to conducting research while you are abroad. Learn more about engaging in research while you are abroad, and how to develop your project before you leave campus!

General Travel Health and the Vaden Health Center

Make an appointment early in your orientation quarter with the on-campus Vaden Health Center Travel Clinic at (650) 498-2336 ext. 1 or your personal doctor to discuss any health concerns you may have before going abroad.


Office of Alcohol Policy and Education

As soon as you leave the United States you are subject to the laws of the country you are traveling to. Alcohol and other drug laws will vary depending on where you study abroad, and some countries are stricter than others when it comes to public intoxication and drug use.


Sexual Harassment & Staying Safe Overseas

Cultural difference in interactions on romantic or sexual levels can be a problem area - some behaviors might be very inappropriate in the US, but considered perfectly acceptable in the culture in which you are living, and vice-versa. Sexual harassment is a particularly difficult area because of the extreme variance in acceptable behavior between cultures.