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Faculty in Residence

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About Faculty in Residence

Each quarter, one Stanford professor serves as Faculty in Residence in each of the BOSP program locations. These faculty teach classes in their own disciplines,  developing courses that incorporate unique features of the local culture and environment or that provide comparative perspectives on a particular topic.

Application Process

BOSP Faculty in Residence serve as mentors and role models for students in their exploration of a new environment. As a Stanford faculty member teaching with one of our programs, you can participate in what many students regard as the highlight of their Stanford years. Stanford faculty members find that teaching at one of our overseas programs is a rewarding and memorable experience, and offers the following benefits:

  • Enjoying small classes
  • Getting to know students on a personal basis
  • Participating in field trips
  • Being supported by a strong program staff
  • Making connections with colleagues, libraries, and research projects in the host country

BOSP Faculty in Residence are recruited from Stanford Academic Council faculty from all schools and departments. An appointment typically lasts one quarter, and faculty offer one class during a term abroad.

Who Will Apply?

Applications for Faculty in Residence appointments are accepted from any current Stanford faculty member who belongs to the Academic Council. The home department continues to pay the faculty salary during the overseas appointment. Non-tenure track Stanford faculty can be considered occasionally, as can emeriti. Please inquire about your specific circumstances before applying.  Special consideration is given to faculty who have not taught for BOSP in the recent past.

Where and When Can You Go (Academic Year 2025-26)?

Berlin: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Cape Town: Autumn, Spring, Summer
Florence: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Hong Kong: Autumn
Istanbul: Autumn
Kyoto: Autumn, Spring
Madrid: Autumn, Winter, Spring
New York: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Oxford: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Paris: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Santiago: Autumn, Spring, Summer

What Will You Teach?

You don’t need to be an expert about a particular location, but you should propose a course that is relevant to the overseas location or is comparative and refers to the location as a primary example.  What is desired is a course that you would not teach on campus but is specifically designed to capitalize on the opportunities in the location.  Courses can be taught in more traditional ways, as you might do on campus, or using a combination of traditional classroom work and site visits or field trips.  When proposing a course, keep in mind that you may have as few as one (1) and as many as forty (40) students, depending on the enrollment at your location.