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Stanford Program in Santiago

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Contact Information

Stanford Program in Santiago
Condell 189
Providencia, Santiago 750-0753
Phone: (56) (2) 2335-6661
Fax: (56) (2) 2335-5534

On-Campus Program Advisor

Gauer, Ash
Program Advisor
(650) 725-0235
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Staff Listing

Please note: for questions about BOSP programs and application processes, students should contact BOSP home campus staff, including Student Ambassadors and Program Advisors. To access home campus advising resources, please click here.

Jaksic, Iván
(56) (2) 2335-6661

Matheson, Rachel
Student and Academic Services Coordinator
(56) (2) 2335-6661

Poole, Carrie
Finance Coordinator
(56) (2) 2335-6661

Tapia, Mauricio
Technology Assistant
(56) (2) 2335-6661