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How to Apply for a Krupp Internship

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To apply for a Krupp Internship, you must complete the online Krupp Internship Questionnaire and upload a number of application materials to the online form (see below). To get started, please review the online questionnaire and instructions for the application materials and begin preparing your documents well in advance, as the application requires reflection and preparation.

The program is not based on a given set of hosts to which the applicants are distributed. Instead, we search for suitable hosts based on your qualifications and interests. Therefore, it is very important that you be as specific and as detailed as possible when describing the type of work you want to do as an intern. If you have difficulties defining priorities and ranking preferences (type of work, products/technologies, environment, etc.), we urge you to talk to your professors and academic advisors before filling out the application. Be sure to submit your application by the applicable deadline listed in the Application Timeline.

You will find all necessary and helpful resources for completing the application below:

Note: you must be logged in with your SUNet ID in order to access the materials.

Required Documents

  • American-style Resume
  • Bewerbungsfoto: One professionally-made scanned photo (headshot, approx. 3x2.5cm)
  • Lebenslauf (German-style résumé) with photo (Bewerbungsfoto)
  • Personal Statement (not a Cover Letter)
  • Unofficial Transcript as a Word document
  • Berlin Residence Permit (instructions will be provided)

Optional Documents which can be submitted later

  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (by a former internship supervisor, a professort, etc.)
  • Copy of high school transcript (list of courses and grades) as proof of your so far highest degree. This applies to students who intend to intern with big corporations.

Short-Answer Questions

  • In which field would you like to intern and what kinds of projects would you be interested in undertaking as an intern? Or, if you are in engineering: In which industries would you like to intern, and on which specific products/technologies would you like to work? Elaborate on the learning experience you hope to have.
  • If you had your preference, what kind of company/organization would you like to work for, and in what part of it? Examples are: R&D (research and development) as opposed to manufacturing, commercial or NGO as opposed to governmental settings. Relevant information could also include preference for theoretical work vs. practical, hands-on work, qualitative vs. quantitative work, or if you are a "people-person" or not.
  • What previous internships, work experience or other extracurricular background do you have that you think is helpful in matching you to an internship? – Include any special skills you have and your degree of competence in those skills (e.g., intermediate, or advanced), if they are not mentioned in the résumé.
  • Describe in full your areas of academic concentration, and your interests and plans for specialization, if any.
  • What previous experience do you have living in Germany: how long, where, and under what circumstances? Please explain.

Special Considerations

  • Product designers with emphasis on aesthetics MUST have a portfolio documenting their work (esp. sketches).
  • Engineers who want to intern with the German car industry MUST indicate at least one alternative to the automotive sector.