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What I Did in Berlin

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Current Ambassador

Adri Kornfein

Major: Electrical Engineering

Minor: German Studies

Current Ambassador

Alma Andino Frydman

Major: Economics

Minor: German Studies

Current Ambassador

Killian Sullivan

Major: Management Science and Engineering

Past Berlin Student Ambassadors

Justin-Casimir Braun

I am a German citizen. So, I have actually been asked why I would go on a "study abroad" to Germany a bunch of times. For me, it was a no-brainer, really. As much as I love Stanford, I was always jealous of my German friends and the very different university experience they have. The Berlin program allowed me to bring those two parts of my life together -- in a way, I really got to eat the cake and keep it.

Josie Flohr

I chose to study in Berlin on a whim. I knew I wanted to study abroad and the Stanford in Berlin program had spots available. It ended up being the best academic, professional, and personal choice I have ever made.

Demetri Maxim

I am a competitive alpine ski racer for my National team and all of our major international competitions and off-season training is based in Austria and Switzerland, so I always wanted to learn German while at Stanford. When I found out that Stanford had a study abroad program in Berlin that was homestay-based, I immediately applied since it seemed like the perfect way to learn German through full immersion and also get to experience a quarter abroad.