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Visiting a large coal mine in Chile

How to Apply

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STEP 1: Learn About the Global Seminar Experience

Learn about BOSP's Global Seminars by exploring the Program Structure and Fees as well as the Frequently Asked Questions pages.

STEP 2: Learn About Specific Programs

You can only apply to one Global Seminar program per application cycle. BOSP's Global Seminars change every year, so it is essential that you take time to familiarize yourself with this year's program offerings before applying.

  • Review the description of each program thoroughly on the Explore Global Seminars page.
  • Some destinations may require additional health and safety considerations. Some programs are more strenuous and physically demanding than others. 
  • Subscribe to the BOSP mailing list to learn about upcoming outreach and promotional events.
  • Review the Health and Safety page.
  • Consider additional costs associated with each program (the cost of airfare, in particular, will vary from one program to another).
  • Contact the Faculty Leader for more information about the program's academic content and focus. 
  • Contact or schedule a meeting if you have additional questions.

STEP 3: Apply for a Global Seminar

Once you determine which program you would like to apply for, review the Application Process thoroughly. Students must adhere to the BOSP Participation Requirements set forth in the BOSP Participation and Assumption of Risk, Release of Claims, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement. Students who haven't previously participated in a BOSP Global Seminar are given priority.

Once you have reviewed the above links, visit BOSP's Application Portal page to complete your application before the deadlines listed on the Apply Page. Programs will only open for a 2nd round of applications if they receive a low number of applications in the 1st round.