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Krupp Internship Application Timeline

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The deadline for your Krupp Internship application depends on your study abroad quarter.

Autumn Quarter - July 30, 2023

Winter Quarter - October 22, 2023

Spring Quarter - December 18, 2023


The following flowchart is meant to give you an approximate overview of the application process, from submitting your online Krupp Internship Questionnaire to signing an internship contract with a German host institution.

Krupp Internship Application Timeline

After your application is submitted, you will hear from the Internship Coordinator within about two weeks. You will then work with the Internship Coordinator to polish your application documents and determine possible host institutions. For a successful placement, we depend on your active communication and cooperation both in finding and ranking potential hosts and in collecting information about them. During your quarter abroad, even if you will not intern directly afterward, we will try to organize face-to-face interviews for you. We will try to place you as quickly as possible, but please be prepared that the whole process can take several months.

If you have your own contacts in Germany which might help you to find a specific internship, feel free to use them. However, (1) please inform the Internship Coordinator that you are using your own connections, and (2) please inform your contact about our program. We can still get the internship permit for you (for internships lasting longer than 90 days), if you do not have an EU passport, and we will support you with a grant if necessary.