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Registration and Academics

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See below for more information about how to prepare academically for your study abroad experience. If you have questions about the academics of your program you are welcome to email the Academic Coordinator, Daniela Fields, at or the Director of your program.

BOSP Courses

  • Courses for the current academic year can be found in ExploreCourses and in the Course Search.
  • At the end of Autumn quarter, BOSP courses planned for the next academic year will be posted in the Course Search to aid students in completing their applications and planning for their time away from campus.
  • You must enroll in classes through Axess.
  • You must take a minimum of 12 units of BOSP courses offered through the program.
  • In August, Axess will open with course information for the coming academic year. Approximately four weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter, students will be able to enroll in courses for that quarter.
  • Axess is available 24 hours a day, though all deadlines are still set to Pacific Time at 11:59 p.m.

Watch the Academic Advising While Abroad Video

Holds on Your Registration

  • To find out if you have any holds on your record, log into your Axess Student Center page.
  • Holds can be extremely difficult to clear from an overseas location. Before leaving campus, be sure that all bills are paid, library books are returned, and you have declared your major so that a hold is not placed after you have left the country.

Language Pre-requisites

The following quarter-length programs have language pre-requisites for some or all of their available quarters: Berlin, Kyoto, Madrid, Paris, and Santiago.  Students will be placed based on their last completed Stanford coursework and any student who has taken a language class at Stanford should not take a language placement test.  Students who have taken language coursework at another institution or are native speakers will require a valid language placement test, taken within the last 10 months, in order to be placed appropriately.  The Language Center maintains an updated testing schedule where students can find more information on scheduling placement tests. When taking a placement test, please ensure you complete the written exam before the time of your oral interview.

Deadlines and Study List Changes

  • Unless informed otherwise, the same academic deadlines apply for students in BOSP programs as for students on the home campus and will be in Pacific Time.
  • For a posting of these academic deadlines, log into Axess to view the Academic Calendar for the current quarter.
  • At some locations, a different set of deadlines will apply for specific courses. Your program staff will inform you if this is the case and you will need to use paper forms.
  • Until the Final Study List Deadline, you can drop/add courses or units, change grading options (when available), and withdraw from classes via Axess while overseas.
  • Once a deadline has passed, you will not be able to change your study list. Petitions for changes after a deadline are discouraged and approval is not guaranteed.


  • Course evaluations are completed and submitted in the same manner as on campus.
  • The program Director will receive the course evaluation results for local faculty and will discuss the results with them as appropriate.
  • A link to the online BOSP Program Evaluation will be emailed to each student near the end of the quarter.  Summary results will be available to the local program staff and to the staff in the BOSP office on campus.


  • Grades will be posted on Axess soon after the end of the quarter. In some cases the program Director will post grades on the behalf of local faculty.
  • As on campus, access to grades will be delayed if you have not completed your online course evaluations.

Graduating Seniors

  • If you plan to graduate at the end of your quarter overseas, you must apply to graduate before leaving to study overseas.
  • Coterminal students planning to have a BA and MA conferred on the same date must apply to graduate in both degree programs at the same time.
  • If you are graduating at the end of Spring quarter AND you need units from spring quarter to complete your graduation requirements, contact the Director of your program to ask if it will be possible to have your grades submitted by the deadline for senior grades.