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Kyoto Related Courses

ANTHSCI 24: Cultural History of Japan
ARTHIST 184: Aristocrats, Warriors, Sex Workers, and Barbarians: Lived Life in Early Modern Japanese Painting
ARTHIST 186: Theme and Style in Japanese Art
ARTHIST 187: Arts of War and Peace: Late Medieval and early Modern Japan, 1500-1868
ARTHIST 287A: The Japanese Tea Ceremony: The History, Aesthetics, and Politics Behind a National Pastime
CASA 128: The History of Japan
CASA 128B: Globalization and Japan
CASA 77: Japanese Society and Culture
HISTORY 194B: Japan in the Age of the Samurai
HISTORY 195C: Modern Japanese History
HISTORY 297E: Meiji Japan
HISTORY 298A: Modernizing Women in Japan
HISTORY 92S: Lives of the Samurai
IPS 225: Japanese Politics and Political Economy
JAPANGEN 115: History of Japanese popular culture
JAPANGEN 137: Classical Japanese Literature in Translation
JAPANGEN 138: Survey of Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
JAPANGEN 148: Modern Japanese narratives: Literature and Film
JAPANGEN 149: Screening Japan: Issues in Crosscultural Interpretation
JAPANGEN 51: Japanese Business Culture
JAPANGEN 66: Modern Japanese Women Writers
JAPANGEN 6: Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theory
JAPANGEN 71N: Language and Gender in Japan: Myths and Reality
JAPANGEN 92: Traditional East Asian Civilization: Japan
JAPANLIT 143: Reinscribing Loss: On Japanese Modernity and the Literature of Unclaimed Experience
JAPANLIT 157: Points in Japanese Grammar
JAPANLIT 170: The Tale of Genji and Its Historical Reception
JAPANLIT 177: Structure of Japanese
POLISCI 112: Japanese Foreign Policy
POLISCI 148T: Political Parties and Elections in Japan
POLISCI 345R: Political Economy of Japan