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Related On-Campus Courses

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Kyoto Related Courses (as of October 2021)


ANTHRO 157/257: Japanese Popular Culture

ARCHLGY 135/235 / CHINA 175/275: Constructing National History in East Asian Archaeology

ARTHIST 287A / JAPAN 188/288: The Japanese Tea Ceremony: The History, Aesthetics, and Politics Behind a National Pastime

ASNAMST 31N / MUSIC 31N: Behind the Big Drums: Exploring Taiko

ENGR 159Q / MATSCI 159Q: Japanese Companies and Japanese Society

HISTORY 95C/195C: Modern Japanese History: From Samurai to Pokemon

HISTORY 292D/392D: Japan in Asia, Asia in Japan

HISTORY 396D: Historiography of Modern Japan

INTLPOL 225: Tech Policy, Innovation, and Startup Ecosystems: Silicon Valley, Japan and Comparative Perspectives

JAPAN 24 / CHINA 24 / COMPLIT 44 / HUMCORE 133 / KOREA 24: Humanities Core: How to be Modern in East Asia

JAPAN 60 / ARTHIST 2: Asian Arts and Cultures

JAPAN 82N: Joys and Pains of Growing Up and Older in Japan

JAPAN 123/223 / COMPLIT 228: Critical Translation Studies

JAPAN 125/225: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and beyond: place in modern Japan

JAPAN 126/226: Japanese Functional Objects

JAPAN 138/238: Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature and Culture

JAPAN 151/251: Japanese Business Culture and Systems

JAPAN 163A / HUMCORE 123: Beauty and Renunciation in Japan

JAPAN 165/265: Readings in Premodern Japanese

JAPAN 197/297: Points in Japanese Grammar

MUSIC 25: Decoding Anime

MUSIC 32N: Sculpting with Sounds, Images, and Words

MUSIC 169: Stanford Taiko

RELIGST 6N: Religion in Anime and Manga

RELIGST 55: Exploring Zen Buddhism

RELIGST 257/357: Women in Japanese Buddhism