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Santiago Language Prerequisite

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Spanish Language Prerequisite Waived for the 2021-22 & 2022-23 Academic Years

For the 2021-22 and the 2022-23 Academic Years, the Santiago Program will not require a Spanish language prerequisite. No matter what your level or experience is with the Spanish language, all students are invited to apply to our program!

Language of instruction for each course will vary depending on the students’ language levels and based on the individual instructor and course materials. Courses fully taught in Spanish will be available to students who place in the Second-Year Spanish courses or beyond. A minimum of two, and up to three courses will be taught completely in English per quarter. Students with no language experience will be expected to enroll in an intensive First-Year language course in order to provide basic Spanish communication skills for the 10 week duration of the program. First-Year and Second-Year Spanish is required onsite. The Language Center will determine the Spanish language level of each student.

The Santiago Program’s First-Year Spanish courses follow the same model as the Spanish Language Program on campus with an additional focus on Chilean themes. To familiarize yourself with the different First-Year Spanish levels, please refer to the Spanish Language Program’s site. The only difference from the varying First-Year Spanish levels on campus is that the Santiago Program’s OSPSANTG 3S course is a combination of the Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 courses on campus. The First-Year Spanish courses offered at the Santiago Center will use the same textbook as the courses on campus.

The following First-Year Spanish courses will be offered at the Santiago Center dependent on student placement. Your Spanish level will be determined by the Language Center.

  • OSPSANTG 1S First-Year Spanish, 1st Quarter: Chilean Emphasis
  • OSPSANTG 3S First-Year Spanish, 3rd Quarter: Chilean Emphasis
  • OSPSANTG 1A Accelerated First-Year, Part 1: Chilean Emphasis
  • OSPSANTG 2A Accelerated First-Year, Part 2: Chilean Emphasis

Second-Year Spanish courses will also be offered at the Santiago Center. Students who have not placed out of the Second-Year Spanish language sequence will be required to enroll in one of the following courses listed below while in Santiago. Placement in these courses will be determined by providing results of a recent language placement test or previous coursework.

  • OSPSANTG 12S Accelerated Second-Year Spanish, Part I: Chilean Emphasis
  • OSPSANTG 13S Accelerated Second-Year Spanish, Part II: Chilean Emphasis

In addition to formal language classes, students have the option to enroll in a 2-unit language tutorial and may work individually with a language tutor.