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Apply to a Bing Overseas Studies Program

Learn more about applying and application deadlines. See below for current and future application dates, read about the application process, and review the participation agreement.

*Curriculum: Please keep in mind that new courses and department approvals can be added at any time and are always subject to change. We encourage you to review the BOSP Course Catalog and discuss your academic roadmap and requirements with your designated academic advisor(s) in advance. Please note: the BOSP Course Search (not Explore Courses) is your most accurate source for program course information.

Note key changes to the application process for Winter 2025:

  • Applicants can apply to up to two programs.
  • Applicants will need to complete all program-specific questions and meet any prerequisites for each program they will apply to.
  • The deadline is: Monday, May 6, 2024 at Noon (12PM PT) .
  • Rankings and programs cannot be changed once the application is submitted.
  • There will be no second round; Programs MAY decide to accept late applications after decisions are announced if there is space available.
  • There will be one decision date. Decisions are expected to be announced on Friday, June 7, 2024.
  • Students will only be reviewed by 2nd ranked program if their 1st choice program either waitlists or does not accept the application.
  • At the time of decision it is possible that students are offered multiple choices; for example: a waitlist space for a first or second choice program and/or an accepted space in a 2nd ranked program. At the time of the confirmation deadline students will need to determine which admission decision will become their final status and either remain on the waitlist OR accept admitted space. We will be unable to accommodate multiple statuses.


Future Application Deadlines

For issues with the application portal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log out of the app system – this is important! You cannot just close your browser; you have to actually click “log out” 
  2. Clear history/cache/cookies
  3. Close browser
  4. Some students have navigated to a different browser (Firefox has been giving us good luck) 
  5. Log back into the BOSP application portal