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Florence Program Highlights

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Florence - Bing Cultural Enrichment Program

Bing Cultural Enrichment Program

“The Bing trip exposed me to many different aspects of Italy and gave us a different perspective outside of Florence.” Program participant, Spring 2019

The Bing Cultural Enrichment Program offers a special set of extracurricular activities to all Florence students. Although they vary from year to year, some past, popular destinations included: Venice, Milan, Cinque Terre, Rome, Sicily, the Amalfi coast and Pompeii. Students also attend operas or concerts, dinners, and sports events as part of the Program. We send our calendar of Bing events via email to students well in advance so that they are free to plan all of their other activities around our scheduled events.

Florence_city as classroom

The City as Classroom

“Being able to have class on site at museums and listen to my professors talk to us with either the art piece right there or speak Italian on site with the class was very meaningful to putting my skills into action.” Spring 2019 Program participant

Interaction with local culture through group events is at the core of the Florence experience. Our classes often go on site visits and field trips, taking full advantage of the resources available both in Florence and other nearby cities.

Florence - drop in lunches

Con Gusto: Lunchtime Talks

“I personally learned a lot from these lunches and their spectrum of information and appreciated the timing, the subject matter, and the informality of them.” Fall 2018 Program participant

These lunches give students the tools to understand better the context of their study abroad experience. We invite special guests to join us at our lunches and use this time together to discuss critical and relevant cultural, political and economic questions. Our drop-in lunches are really a great way to learn more about some of the most important issues with which Italy is grappling right now.