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Kyoto temple in autumn.

Why Study in Kyoto?

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  • Improve your Japanese language skills through intensive lessons in the Center as well as through application and practice outside of the classroom.
  • Explore contemporary aspects of Japan’s fast-changing society and culture with our faculty, whilst satisfying WAYS and major requirements. Our Autumn Quarter curriculum has an additional focus on the arts.
  • Study each topic first-hand through some 30 field trips across all courses each Quarter.
  • Learn together with local university students who join many of our courses, enriching class discussions with their perspectives and experiences.
  • Make the most of opportunities within Doshisha University’s beautiful, busy campus. Meet local students and take part in organized events and trips together, and hone your Japanese skills with a language partner.
  • Students taking our Spring Quarter can apply for a 10-week, full-time, funded summer internship - sourced for them at leading companies or organizations in their area of interest.