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Ingenious Entrepreneurship

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Student entrepreneur. Photo Credit: Linda Cicero

SiNY 132 - Ingenious Entrepreneurship

In this course we will examine the major factors impacting successful entrepreneurship, including the secrets of idea generation, writing a winning business plan, raising capital, developing your product or service, and the art of marketing. An emphasis will be on media and marketing and leveraging the resources of a major city such as New York. We will also cover how to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset into your internships, coursework, and future employment. Guest lectures will include renowned entrepreneurs from media, publishing, restaurants, finance, and fashion.

Meet the Instructor(s)

Mark Oldman

Mark Oldman, Stanford in New York

Cofounder of career portal, Mark Oldman has authored nine books, including the best-selling America’s Top Internships (Random House), The Internship Bible(Random House), and Starting Your Own Business (Houghton Mifflin). He is also one of America's leading wine personalities, having written three books on the subject and speaking frequently at major gastronomic festivals across the country.  A licensed attorney and three-time Stanford graduate, he serves or has served on five major boards of the university, including its top governing body, the Stanford University Board of Trustees.