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BOSP students at the Open House

Student Ambassadors

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  • We highly encourage you to connect with our Student Ambassadors, who are previous program participants, that offer first-hand student perspectives on our programs.
  • Student Ambassadors are available throughout the quarter. Please feel free to contact them directly.
  • Ambassadors are available for appointments by request.

  • Natalie Adams-Menendez - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Florence] [Major: International Relations] [Minor: French]
  • Justin-Casimir Braun - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Berlin] [Major: International Relations] [Minors: Political Science & Computer Science]
  • Daniel Chiu - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Kyoto] [Major: Mechanical Engineering] [Minor: East Asian Studies]
  • Alyssa Diaz - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Florence] [Majors: Art Practice & Italian] [Minor: East Asian Studies]
  • Josie Flohr - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Berlin] [Major: Psychology] [Minor: German Studies]
  • Sean Gallagher - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Santiago] [Major: International Relations] [Minors: Human Rights & Modern Languages]
  • Iris Haik - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Florence] [Major: International Relations] [Minor: Poverty, Inequality, and Policy]
  • Allen Huang - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Australia] [Major: Computer Science] 
  • Komal Kumar - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Oxford] [Major: Political Science] [Minor: South Asian Studies]
  • Clara MacAvoy - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Madrid] [Major: Computer Science] [Minor: Classical History]
  • Mwengwe Mpekansambo - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Paris] [Major: Economics] [Minor: Creative Writing]
  • Cassie Pena - [Bio] [Email] [Program: New York] [Major: Management Science & Engineering]
  • Luis Quiroga - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Madrid] [Major: International Relations]
  • Maggie Roache - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Madrid] [Major: Political Sciance] [Minor: Human Rights]
  • Hana Tadesse - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Cape Town] [Major: Computer Science] [Minor: Communication]
  • Natassia Walley - [Bio] [Email] [Program: Oxford] [Major: History] [Minor: Human Rights]