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Apply for Faculty in Residence

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How to Apply

Please download and read the Application Guidelines for Academic Year 2023-24 before completing your application. Application Guidelines will be available in November 2021.

Application Requirements

A complete application consists of the following:

1) Course proposal (1-2 pages) that includes the following:

a)What, why, and how you wish to teach away?
b) Overview of the course including a detailed course description.
c) What ideas do you have to enhance the interactions of students with the local city or region?
d) Do you envision special activities tied to your courses?
e) What are the learning objectives for your course?
f) Is your course a candidate for one of the Ways requirements?  If so, which one(s)?
g) Are you making use of specific local resources, such as visits to archaeological or historic sites, museums, or laboratories?

2) Current curriculum vitae (abbreviated version; maximum eight (8) pages)

3) Quantitative course evaluation summaries (ratings) from two (2) recent courses

Apply Now (Application for AY 2023-24 will be available November 2021)

Joint Applications

Joint applications to co-teach one (1) jointly-taught course will be considered. If you are part of a joint application, each person should submit a separate application, but the one (1) course you plan to teach must be the same, jointly-taught course.


  • Applications for Academic Year 2023-24 are due Tuesday, February 15, 2022.  Selected faculty will be notified during Spring Quarter 2021-22.
  • Shortly after notification, selected faculty must obtain approvals from their department chair and cognizant dean to teach abroad, as the department will continue to pay their faculty salary.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty in Residence are expected to be fully engaged with students both in and outside the classroom and in program activities. Faculty apply to teach for a single quarter overseas. Teaching abroad substitutes for home-campus teaching; it is not considered a leave of absence or sabbatical. If you are selected, you will need to obtain the approval of both your department chair and your cognizant dean since your department continues to pay your salary. If selected you also agree to abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the BOSP Faculty in Residence Handbook.

Academic Calendar

The calendar at each BOSP center generally follows the Stanford academic calendar with the same number of days of instruction, but the start and end dates may vary by location. Program calendars for the current academic year are available on the BOSP website.

Conditions of Faculty Compensation and Travel Arrangements

This is a short list of some of the policies and procedures outlined in the BOSP Faculty Handbook. This list is not intended to be exhaustive

  • BOSP will provide furnished accommodations in the vicinity of the center. Accommodations match local standards and include appliances common to the respective country. Please be aware that pets cannot be accommodated under any circumstances; no requests to accommodate pets will be considered by BOSP..
  • BOSP will provide economy/coach class airfare for you, your spouse/partner, and dependent family members who live with you; reimbursement of ground transportation expenses to/from airports; and reimbursement of visa costs, if required. Per Internal Revenue Service regulations, reimbursement of travel costs for family members is considered taxable income to you.
  • Faculty with school-aged children should be prepared to work with your school to understand the policies and procedures associated with your child’s long-term absence. In the case that the school is unable to provide the educational services to your child while your family is overseas, BOSP centers may be able to provide you with references for schools and/or child care. However, under no circumstances is BOSP able to make schooling or child care arrangements on your behalf.
  • BOSP will provide a shipping allowance for your scholarly materials and personal belongings to/from the center, not to exceed $1000 total, paid against actual receipts.
  • BOSP will provide use of a computer and printer; in most centers these are Apple products.
  • BOSP will provide administrative support services directly related to your teaching (syllabi, reading lists, bibliographies, and limited photocopying) may be accommodated by staff at the centers. Please be aware that the center staff is unable to assist you with any requests of a personal nature or academic matters not related to your teaching assignment at BOSP.
  • BOSP will provide for participation for you and your family in center-organized events and field trips.


If you have additional questions after reading the Application Guidelines, please contact Daniela Fields at