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Learning Italian in Florence

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BOSP Florence students learning Italian

“Learning Italian in the city in which it was built and having the opportunity to learn a language while living in that country is the most basic facet of study abroad but I absolutely fell in love with it. It made me feel proud, integrated, challenged, and moved.” Fall 2018 Program Participant

On-site Language Requirement

BOSP Florence students

“Being able to see my own progress on a daily basis and being able to learn and practice my Italian outside of the classroom as well were are immeasurably valuable.” Fall 2018 Program Participant

All students are required to study Italian once in Florence. Course enrollment will be determined by the Language Center on the basis of students’ placement level or previous coursework.

As part of the language program, students are also given the chance to participate in a set of fun and engaging co-curricular language and cultural activities in addition to their regular classes. Whether it be through the Friends a Firenze Program, participation in laboratories designed around a given topic such as contemporary Italian music, theater, art, current events, or improvisation workshops, every single activity the Program offers represents a unique opportunity to meet locals, improve language skills in an authentic context, and deepen students' understanding of the local culture and people.  

The Bonus Experience

In order to recognize the passion for and commitment to Italian language and culture, students who come to Florence with at least one year of prior study of the Italian language on the home campus will be awarded with a Bonus Experience. Students can choose among several suggested Bonus Experience options that give them the chance to experience different and unique facets of Italy.

Stanford Language Center

All students, including native speakers, are expected to demonstrate their level of language ability (writing, speaking and reading) by providing results of a recent language placement test or previous coursework. For any questions, please contact the Language Center and write "BOSP" in the subject line.