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Bing Overseas Studies Program Photo Contest

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Now is your chance to share your unique perspective and experiences from your time abroad with the Bing Overseas Studies Program. Share your photos of academic endeavors, inspiring natural and urban landscapes, local customs and traditions…we want to see it all!

This is an exciting opportunity for your photos to be a part of BOSP's web and print materials, which play an important role in inspiring undergraduate students to study overseas during their time at Stanford.  Please review the Contest overview and rules outlined below prior to submitting your entries. 

We look forward to receiving your photos and thank you for sharing them with the greater Stanford community! 

Submission Process

  1. Select your photos: Choose photos of scenes, activities and events from your time abroad. All photos should be high resolution and in JPEG or PNG format.
  2. Choose a category: You can enter up to two photos in each of the five categories described below. Each participant is eligible to win or receive an honorable mention in up to one category.
  3. Submit: Submit photos you have taken through our online webform. For each submission, you will be asked to provide the following information: Quarter Abroad, Program, Category, Photo Title and Description. Please label your photos using the following format: Category_Last Name (ex. Academic Pursuits_Jones).  Submissions for the 2022-23 BOSP Photo Contest are no longer accepted.
  4. Win: The photo contest results will be announced at the beginning of Autumn Quarter 2024-25. Category winners will each receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card and honorable mentions will each receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  Submit your photos today!

Submit Your Photos Here

Contest Eligibility

Stanford undergraduates who studied on a BOSP program during Summer 2022-23, or Autumn, Winter and Spring 2023-24 are eligible to submit entries to the 2023-24 BOSP Photo Contest. BOSP staff will review photo submissions and select a winner and honorable mention for each of the categories below.

Category Overview

Learning in Action

Learning abroad extends far beyond the classroom. What did learning abroad look like for you?  Share photos of your academic pursuits both inside and outside of the classroom. Examples: A fascinating lecture with your Faculty-in-Residence at a local museum; a study session at your overseas center; conducting field research of diverse ecosystems; scenes from your internship abroad; engaged-learning opportunities with a local NGO. We encourage photos of you and/or your peers learning in action.

The Urban/Natural World

We want to see where you studied from your unique point of view. Show us which parts of the urban and natural world captured your attention and inspired you during your journey. Examples: Ancient ruins; urban spaces; majestic mountain ranges. We invite you to share what has inspired you during your time away.

Culture, Customs and Traditions

Stepping out of our own cultural context encourages us to engage with difference, question our own assumptions and reflect on our own identity and background. What experiences did you have during your time away that fueled this engagement and introspection? Examples: sharing a meal with your homestay family; scenes from a walk through the local market; participating in a local holiday or festival celebrations.

Bing Trips/Will Fund Trips and Events

Bing Trips, Will Fund Trips (Berlin), and Bing Dinners! Show us the photos you snapped while enjoying these unique opportunities with your Stanford community abroad. Examples: Making your own pasta; touring an ancient castle; visiting an animal sanctuary. Please share pictures of you and/or your peers enjoying these experiences! 

Photo Favorite

Photo? Favorite? How can I choose only two? This category may be the easiest or the most challenging. Share those photos that you just can't get out of your head, the ones that perfectly capture the experiences you still reflect on from your time abroad. Examples: Surprise us!

Contest Rules and Instructions

  • For a photo in which a person is recognizable, you should secure a model release from the subject wherever possible. Releases are generally not required from people who are identifiable in a photograph of a street or public place provided that the photograph is reasonably related to the subject matter and the identifiable people are not the focus of the photograph.
  • Photos that feature minors will not be considered
  • Entries should not include photos related to vacation travel abroad other than interim travel that was a component of a BOSP program
  • All photos should respect the integrity of those in the picture

By participating in a BOSP program you have agreed to the following (as outlined in BOSP's Participation Agreement):

I hereby grant Stanford University permission to use my name, photographic and/or videographic image of myself and photographic and/or videographic images of my work product (research posters, final presentations, speaking engagements), if applicable, provided or captured as part of The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) programs, or by VPUE, in any way, in all media now known or later invented for any educational or publicity purposes. I understand that Stanford intends to make information about or images of me available on the Internet for public access and information, and I hereby grant permission for such publication and use. I further grant permission to the photographer /videographer who captures any such image/footage described above to include the photograph or video in a portfolio (in any form in any media) of the photographer's/videographer's work.

I release Stanford and Stanford's assigns and licensees from any claims that may arise regarding such specified use of student’s image and/or biographic information, including any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, rights of publicity or copyright. Stanford is permitted, although not obligated, to include my name as a credit in connection with the image. Further, I understand and agree that Stanford is not obligated to utilize any of the rights granted in this Agreement.

View galleries from previous contest winners and honorable mentions


If you have any questions about the BOSP Photo Contest please contact Jamila Hawkins, BOSP Student Services Specialist, at