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What I Did in Santiago

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Past Santiago Student Ambassadors

Sean Gallagher (International Relations)

Chile is one of the most ecologically varied places in the world, from the Atacama Desert to the Patagonia.

Melissa Santos (Psychology and Society)

It is one thing to learn about other countries while sitting in a library on Stanford's home campus; but to learn about history–in the midst of where it happened and from people who lived through it–is an unparalleled academic opportunity.

Ellie Bowen - Autumn 2018-19

The program is relatively small, so you get a lot more individualized attention from professors, especially in comparison to normal Stanford classes. The teaching team for the Santiago program is extremely dedicated to student learning, and are always willing to meet with you to discuss class material, offer book recommendations, or help you practice Spanish.

Evani Radiya-Dixit - Spring 2018-19

I choose Santiago for many reasons. I wanted to live with a host family and practice my Spanish. I knew little of Latin American history and was excited to learn more about Chilean politics.

Annika Brakebill (Biology) - Autumn 2017-18

It was always a goal of mine to go abroad and I wanted to keep working on my Spanish. I chose Chile over Spain because I had never spent time in South America and it was more mysterious and exciting to me than Europe.

Priya Chatwani (Computer Science) - Spring 2017-18

As a computer science major, I really enjoyed seeing the impact of technology in Chile, specifically with regards to urban planning because I took a Sustainable Cities and Transportation class with German Correa. I wrote a 15-page research paper in Spanish comparing and evaluating the smart city initiatives in Santiago and Rio de Janeiro, and I am now more aware of the importance of involving users and their feedback in every stage of development of a technological product.

Sam Garcia (International Relations) - Autumn 2016-17

I chose to study abroad in Santiago program because I am deeply interested in Latin American history and culture. As such, I was eager for the opportunity to live in Chile and to take classes largely focusing on the region's history, political development, and literature.

Sierra Killian (Earth Systems) - Autumn 2016-17

While in Santiago, I learned more about what I value and about how to take advantage of my current stage of life. I came to more highly value having conversations one-on-one and also enjoyed spending time with small groups, but I realized that it is perfectly fine to take time to myself when I need it.

Harry Gamble (Mathematical and Computational Science) - Autumn 2015-16

Santiago has a fabulous teaching staff and a small program size. Therefore, I got an opportunity to really get to know professors and was challenged in lots of one on one interactions.

Sarah Young (Psychology) - Spring 2015-16

It is really easy to fall into believing that somehow your upbringing taught you what the truth is, but it was great to step back and see another perspective.

Sarah Kolarik (Earth Systems) - Spring 2014-15

As an Earth Systems major and generally outdoorsy person, the environmentally focused classes and the outdoorsy opportunities in Santiago (and Chile) really appealed to me.

Clarisa Reyes-Becerra (Human Biology) - Spring 2013-14

I am definitely going to take more history classes now. I loved Professor Ivan Jaksic’s class and would love to take more classes like his. I believe I also have more confidence in my capabilities and myself after having explored a city and its nation and adapting and learning to be self-sufficient during my months there.