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Requirements for Participation

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  1. Enrollment at Stanford University
  2. Participation in at least one quarter of study at Stanford in Berlin prior to the internship
  3. One year of college German, or equivalent, completed for a letter grade before the internship begins


Students must be available to stay in Germany for the duration of their internship. The standard length of an internship is 12 weeks. This minimum is ideal for the language, professional and cultural experience. Many internships, especially those in industry, are available for five or six months only. For some fields (e.g. working with children in a summer camp), a shorter internship might be possible, this interest should be discussed individually with the Internship Coordinator.

It is important that you define the final dates of your availability as early as possible. Many hosts are not flexible about the time-frame of an internship, and it is not usually possible to shorten the time-frame of an internship after an interview has taken place.


The timing of an internship in relation to a student’s study abroad quarter is important to their overall experience. Ideally, students complete their internships immediately after their study abroad quarter in Berlin. When internships are postponed, for example until the summer after the quarter abroad, the internship placement might take longer and be more complicated (e.g. interviews must be conducted by phone or Skype). Additionally, summer is vacation season, which can affect the supervision of internships, and there is more competition with German students. By contrast, e.g. winter in Germany is not as terrible as one might think, and students who complete their internships directly after their abroad quarters often have a more fluid experience maintaining their language ability.

Important Notes

  • Students of all majors are eligible to participate in the Krupp Internship Program
  • Applications MUST be submitted by the applicable deadline before coming to Berlin – please review the application timeline