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Classes at Local Institutions

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Classes at Local Institutions

"One of my most meaningful academic experiences was going to the University of Florence's Novoli campus for one of our classes.  This was impactful because it exposed me to Italian academic contexts outside of the one created by Stanford." Spring 2019 Program Participant 

The Florence Program offers challenging academic opportunities that grant students entry to local institutions of higher learning, giving them the chance to study side by side with Italian and international students, work closely with the city's vibrant community of scholars, and become further integrated into Florentine academic life.

Close working relationships with the Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and the Accademia Italiana allow students to take classes with their Italian counterparts, set foot inside local universities and study a wide variety of subjects with Italian academics. Students who choose to enroll in these courses will have to do so above 12 units of Stanford in Florence coursework and will receive general university credit towards graduation and may decide to petition their departments directly to seek major credit. Please note that all applications are subject to final approval by the host institutions.

Enrollment in these classes is limited and preference will be given to students majoring in Music or Studio Art. We ask that you submit an informal paragraph via email (please see deadlines below), expressing interest and demonstrating prior and relevant academic experience and the reasons why you would like to take a class at one of our partner institutions.

Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Musicians coming to Florence who wish to continue their study can do so with private instructors at the Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The Accademia offers one on one instruction in voice, piano, string and wind instruments, and percussion. Contact the Stanford in Florence staff for further information.

Application Deadlines: Fall Quarter Deadline: June 1; Winter Quarter Deadline: November 15; Spring Quarter Deadline: February 25

Accademia Italiana

Florence is truly an ideal location for art students. While the Program offers at least one course in Art History per quarter, those pursuing the fine arts might want to consider taking a course at the Accademia Italiana which offers highly specialized classes in studio art, fashion, industrial and graphic design to an Italian and international student body. Interested students coming to Florence in the fall and winter quarters can choose from a list of courses that will be made available. Contact the Stanford in Florence staff for further information.

Application deadlines: Fall Quarter Deadline: June 1; Winter Quarter Deadline: November 15