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What I Did in Paris

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Current Ambassador

Chad Brechbuhler

Major: Public Policy

Minor: Modern Languages 

Past Paris Student Ambassadors

Mwengwe Mpekansambo (Economics)

I learned that I am very capable of finding my space in unfamiliar spaces, and I easily adapt to places. Also that I don't always need my immediate friends to create a worthwhile experience for myself...Navigating the unspoken norms in public settings was the most challenging of all. I learned how blend into French society, such that someone could walk up to me and crack a few jokes as well.

Cate Alder - Winter 2019-2020

The Paris STEM program is a great option for students on the pre-med track. There are also a ton of optional internships to supplement your academic pursuits. I was a part of the Hospital internship where I got to shadow neurologists from Pitié-Salpêtrière. It was an incredible opportunity to compare the American and French healthcare systems.

Siena Fay - Spring 2018-19

As an International Relations major, I thought would only take classes on French politics and the European Union. I didn’t take any. Instead, I was able to learn much more about French-U.S. relations through my media internship than I would have in a classroom.

Ellen Roper - Spring 2018-19

As a computer science major, it was interesting to experience some classes in fields that I had never tried before. I took classes in international relations/politics, architecture, and French culture, and it was very refreshing to explore areas that I never thought I would enjoy.

Diba Massihpour (Economics & English) - Autumn 2017-18

Studying subjects in another language leads to a depth of understanding that is impossible to achieve when learning in one's native language. I also received a different perspective on the world. For example, in my Globalization (Economics) class, I was instructed through a French lens on the topics rather than an American lens, which was a new and rewarding experience.