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What I Did in Paris

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Past Paris Student Ambassadors

Mwengwe Mpekansambo (Economics)

I learned that I am very capable of finding my space in unfamiliar spaces, and I easily adapt to places. Also that I don't always need my immediate friends to create a worthwhile experience for myself...Navigating the unspoken norms in public settings was the most challenging of all. I learned how blend into French society, such that someone could walk up to me and crack a few jokes as well.

Cate Alder - Winter 2019-2020

The Paris STEM program is a great option for students on the pre-med track. There are also a ton of optional internships to supplement your academic pursuits. I was a part of the Hospital internship where I got to shadow neurologists from Pitié-Salpêtrière. It was an incredible opportunity to compare the American and French healthcare systems.

Siena Fay - Spring 2018-19

As an International Relations major, I thought would only take classes on French politics and the European Union. I didn’t take any. Instead, I was able to learn much more about French-U.S. relations through my media internship than I would have in a classroom.

Ellen Roper - Spring 2018-19

As a computer science major, it was interesting to experience some classes in fields that I had never tried before. I took classes in international relations/politics, architecture, and French culture, and it was very refreshing to explore areas that I never thought I would enjoy.

Diba Massihpour (Economics & English) - Autumn 2017-18

Studying subjects in another language leads to a depth of understanding that is impossible to achieve when learning in one's native language. I also received a different perspective on the world. For example, in my Globalization (Economics) class, I was instructed through a French lens on the topics rather than an American lens, which was a new and rewarding experience.

Janice Zhang (Human Biology) - Winter 2017-18

Like many people, I had always dreamed of studying abroad in Paris, but I knew it was meant to be when I found out that BOSP offered the Premed and STEM winter track. It gave me the perfect opportunity to continue completing my premed requirements while exploring the cultural abundance of the city.

Maddy MacLeod (International Relations) - Autumn 2016-17

Paris is an incredible place to study and learn.  The city itself becomes a classroom. It is an important hub of international affairs and France is a power player on the European and global stage, making it an ideal place to learn hands-on for my International Relations major.

Nicole Wong (International Relations) - Spring 2015-16

The multitude of cultural events organized by the Paris program and the fact that the majority of classes in Paris are taught in French made me see this as an opportunity that really focused on allowing its students to immerse themselves entirely in the language, the culture, and the people, allowing us to cultivate a love for Paris that was rooted not in its commercialized perfections, but in the reality of what the city is.

Julia Duncan (Bioengineering) - Spring 2015-16

I have always been drawn to Paris by a combination of my love for the French language and the cultural abundance found there. Also, French food. Paris has such a rich history that I knew the city and my experiences there would greatly enhance my studies.

Anouk Ackerman (Political Science) - Autumn 2014-15

Taking classes in French helped improve my language fluency enormously. It forced me to engage with the material I was learning in a completely new way.

Alyssa Cash (Science, Technology and Society) - Autumn 2014-15

I got to take a drawing with live models class with at a real French art school (l’École d’Arts Plastiques), with French art students. It was a really unique opportunity and it helped me feel like I was having an authentic Parisian experience.