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Health Insurance

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Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage

As a participant in the Bing Overseas Studies Program, you are required to have medical insurance that includes:

  1. International coverage for medical treatment for the entire duration of your program and for all countries in which you intend to travel.
  2. Medical evacuation.
  3. Repatriation of remains.

Coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains pays for transport to your home country in case of severe illness, injury, or death. The latter two clauses may not be part of your regular policy, and may have to be purchased as a supplement.

Health Insurance Options

Students can fulfill the health insurance requirement by purchasing one of the two coverage options listed below:

Cardinal Care Coverage

  • Students who are covered under Cardinal Care will sufficiently satisfy the three categories of coverage listed above.
  • For more information see the Cardinal Care Overview.
  • Insurance Office Location: Vaden Health Center.

Private Health Insurance

  • Students who are covered under a private health insurance plan must make sure that they satisfy the three categories of coverage listed above.
  • In most cases, private health insurance only satisfies the first category, “International Coverage for Medical Treatment.”

Seeking Medical Attention Abroad

  • If at any time you need to seek medical care during the program you should contact the program staff. The program staff will provide you with information about local medical facilities during the onsite orientation. If you need medical assistance, let your program staff know as soon as possible.  
  •  The conditions of overseas medical facilities and how health care is provided often have marked differences from U.S. practice. The concept of when expert attention and medical intervention is warranted may be different than in the United States.

Non-Emergency Visit

  • If you need to be seen for a non-emergency visit, you should contact the program staff first who can refer you to a local medical facility.
  • If you are on Cardinal Care you must coordinate care with International SOS, the travel insurance provider.
  •  If you are privately covered, you may need to contact your international medical insurance provider prior to the medical visit. You must save all receipts from your medical visit, and contact your insurance provider about reimbursement. You will most likely be asked to fill out a claim form. 
  • In most cases, the cost for a non-emergency visit will be less than your deductible and therefore not reimbursable.

Medical Emergency

  • In an emergency, the most urgent matter will be attending to the medical emergency.
  • Notify the program staff immediately.
  • Students on Cardinal Care must contact International SOS to coordinate care. Claims for services not arranged by International SOS will NOT be accepted or reimbursed.
  • Students with private insurance should coordinate emergency care with International SOS. Although International SOS does not provide medical or dental insurance benefits, it provides Stanford travelers with important services.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to know the terms of their insurance policy and understand the claim procedure and reimbursement process.