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What I Did in Kyoto

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Current Ambassador

Grace Lee

Major: Management Science & Engineering

Past Kyoto Student Ambassadors

Chyna Mays - Autumn 2019-2020

Studying abroad in Japan provided an escape from my STEM requirements. There were so many engaging courses available, and each class enhanced my abroad experience in different ways. My photography course encouraged me to capture my day-to-day experience while actively promoting self-reflection on how Japan influenced me. The most pivotal course that transformed my abroad experience, "Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity", raised awareness of Japanese minority groups' experiences in Japan. This course corrected my jaded perception that Japan is a homogeneous country and encouraged me to evaluate the effects of Japan's imperialistic expansion.

Varun Subramaniam - Autumn 2019-2020

...I felt the most important thing was to have no expectations. I had never travelled to East Asia, nor lived abroad for more than a month, so I wanted to experience it for what it was. I believe this mindset allowed me to have a fulfilling time, open to anything and eager to explore. I was able to connect deeply with people. I felt satisfied and thankful for the things that I did do, and understood that there was always more.

Will Gutzman - Spring 2018-19

I loved having Japanese class while I was there. The grammar and vocab we learned in the classroom was so helpful in navigating the country. Oftentimes I would end up using a new grammar structure that very same day when I went home to my host family. In fact, all the courses I took folded in with the rest of my study abroad experience nicely. I gained context for the places I visited in the country. However, work did not usually render me too busy to explore on my own.

Joy Yuzuriha - Spring 2018-19

My Japanese language skills vastly improved during my time in Kyoto. Hearing and using the language in my homestay and everyday life made me feel more comfortable with speaking Japanese. Also, I had the opportunity to take a Japanese religion class, which is a subject that I am genuinely interested in. The class was made even more enriching by the numerous field trips we took to various temples, shrines, and festivals, giving us first-hand experience with subjects we learned about in the classroom.