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Faculty Leader Role and Responsibilities

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The following guidelines will help clarify your Faculty Leader responsibilities and outline specific conditions for your role. These guidelines will enable you to develop and teach a successful BOSP Short-term Faculty-led Program.

Collaboration with the Bing Overseas Studies Program

The Faculty Leader works in collaboration with BOSP to deliver the a high quality and cost-effective program. The BOSP Program Manager will serve as the primary point of contact for all program-related correspondence. The Faculty Leader should be prepared to adhere to the provided administrative timeline, participate in all required meetings and orientations, and maintain regular and timely communication with BOSP. This includes setting up a clear academic focus and objectives, creating a course syllabus and daily itinerary, and developing any activities/assignments that have academic relevance to the program. While in country, the Faculty Leader will participate in all scheduled program activities.

Logistical Arrangements and Coordination with a Program Provider

To ease the logistical burden on the Faculty Leader, BOSP will contract with a dedicated program provider to coordinate logistical arrangements. BOSP will request bids from providers based on the program proposal. Faculty Leaders may also suggest providers based on their professional contacts abroad. BOSP staff and campus partners will review submitted provider bids and determine which provider can deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective services.

These outside providers generally provide comprehensive in-country support including arranging classroom space and housing, in-country transportation, setting up guest speakers and site visits, and serving as an on-site contact for student emergencies. BOSP will serve as the primary contact with on-site program providers during the bidding process. Once the provider is selected, the BOSP Program Manager and Faculty Leader will work with the provider to finalize on-site arrangements. While the provider can handle a significant portion of the on-site logistics, the Faculty Leader will share responsibility for the overall logistical plan for the program and is responsible for program activities not arranged by the provider. 

Supervision of Program Assistant

The Faculty Leader will nominate one Program Assistant for their program. In selecting the Program Assistant, the Faculty Leader should consider the individual’s prior experience in the program location, proficiency in the local language and understanding of the local culture, and experience working with undergraduate students. Program Assistants must be Stanford graduate students and must be returning to Stanford the following academic year. The Program Assistant is required to live with students to serve as resident advisor and accompany all activities throughout the program. During the program, BOSP Program Assistants perform three different types of duties – logistical support, teaching assistance (TA) and residential assistance (RA). 

Development of Cost-Effective Budget Plan

BOSP will develop a cost-effective budget while considering the academic objectives of the program. BOSP has final authority to determine logistics, excursions, accommodation, etc. in order to ensure the financial feasibility as well as health and safety standards of the program. The Faculty Leader will be asked to keep necessary receipts and keep track of expenses on-site and ensure that all expenditures of funds are covered by the approved budget. 

Student Outreach and Selection

BOSP will post the program description on its website and conduct general outreach and may work with the Faculty Leader to coordinate an information session prior to the application deadline. The Faculty Leader will be responsible for reviewing student applications and selecting program participants. 

Faculty Leader and Program Assistant Orientations

The Faculty Leader and Program Assistant will be required to attend two orientations prior to the program. The orientations will be organized and run by BOSP staff in collaboration with other relevant campus partners and will take place in Winter and Spring quarters.

Student Orientations

BOSP will collaborate with the Faculty Leader and the Program Assistant to host a pre-departure orientation for students in Spring Quarter. The program will also have an on-site orientation shortly after arrival. The on-site orientation offers an important opportunity for Faculty Leaders and Program Assistants to establish group norms, review course objectives and clarify program expectations and health and safety concerns. The on-site orientation may be held in conjunction with an on-site provider. 

Student Supervision and Mentoring

The Faculty Leader will serve as a primary responder for students in need of guidance on academic, cultural, personal, health, safety and other matters prior to and during the program following the University’s established policies and procedures. 

Health, Safety and Emergencies

The Faculty Leader, in conjunction with the on-site provider, should be prepared to respond to health and safety issues overseas and be available to address emergencies throughout the program. At orientation meetings, the Faculty Leader will use knowledge of the program location to inform students about local customs and practices that may impact personal and group health, safety and security. 

Accompanying Family Members

Faculty Leaders are discouraged from bringing family members because their primary responsibility is to be available for all program activities, including emergency situations or serious incidents for the duration of the program. However, assuming that those responsibilities can be met and the Faculty Leader plans to bring a family member or guest, there will be no reimbursement for travel expenses incurred on behalf of any persons not teaching or enrolled in the program. If additional or a larger lodging becomes necessary to accommodate family members, the faculty member will be required to pay the difference and may need to coordinate the accommodation on their own. Minor children accompanying Faculty Leaders must be adequately supervised at all times by someone other than the Faculty Leader. Accompanying family members or other persons not enrolled in the program should not participate in any program activities including orientations, class and guest lectures, etc. They are permitted to join cultural events and group meals if such participation is allowed by the on-site provider. Some providers have policies forbidding the participation of guests on excursions for liability concerns.

Please be aware that pets cannot be accommodated under any circumstances; no requests to accommodate pets will be considered by BOSP.

Post-Program Evaluation

Upon return to campus after the program, the Faculty Leader will present the proper documentation including necessary receipts to clear all program expenses with BOSP. The Faculty Leader also evaluates student academic performance and submits grades for their work. The Faculty Leader will also meet with BOSP after their program to discuss the logistical aspects of the program, including evaluation of the on-site provider, and describe successes and challenges as well as make recommendations for future programming. This debrief is critical to the evaluation process and planning of subsequent program. Students will also evaluate academic and logistical components of the program.

Program Cancellation

Stanford reserves the right to cancel or modify the Program before or during its operation for any reason, including natural disasters, emergencies, low enrollment, unavailability of facilities or personnel, or compliance with the University's International Travel Policy.