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Resources for BOSP Florence Students

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Travel, Diversity, and Wellness Resources for Students Studying in Florence

Travel Resources

Diversity and Identity Resources

Students should understand that conditions at overseas locations are different and they can present difficulties and challenges not encountered on Campus. Students should be prepared for a varying level of lodging, lack of amenities, a new climate, new foods, and having less privacy and personal space than they are used to on the home campus.

While in Florence, it is important to consider personal identity and how it might fit within Italian culture. We believe that all individuals have the right to study abroad, but we also believe that everyone has a responsibility to understand the challenges that they might face abroad as a cultural outsider. It is wise to try and understand the culture, customs, and expectations so as not to find oneself in an uncomfortable or even a potentially dangerous situation. It is important to be open and learn about the host culture as much as possible on a daily basis. It will help in ensuring a successful and rewarding experience here!

  • Diversity Abroad focuses on raising awareness among students from diverse economic, educational, ethnic, and social backgrounds in order to provide equal access to study abroad.
  • Italian Antidiscrimination Office (UNAR): If you are a victim or witness of discrimination and you need help you can contact the UNAR call center 800901010.

LGBTQ+ Students

It’s important to know as much as possible about LGBTQ+ culture in Italy in order to have a positive and successful experience in Florence. For LGBTQ+ students, this includes understanding the country’s laws and culture toward sexual identity. Below are some good resources to consult and to garner information on the status quo in Italy and in Florence.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (includes LGBTQ+ information by country)

  • IREOS Firenze – Comunità Queer Autogestita
  • The focus of IREOS is on issues such as culture, health, wellness of the LGBTI+ population in Florence and Tuscany, furthermore, it focuses on the processes of self-help, self-management, and empowerment of LGBTI+ people in our community.
  • Azione Gay e Lesbica is an NGO working for equality, dignity, rights and quality of life of lesbians and gays.

Women Abroad

In order to have a positive and safe experience abroad, during your time in Florence, whether traveling independently or in a group, it is important to know the culture, laws, and social issues regarding women.

Stanford Campus-Based Services

U.S.-based Counselors can only practice in the state in which they are licensed. This means that some Stanford Home Campus resources, such as CAPS, are limited in what they can provide for BOSP students. However, there are many other Home Campus resources that you can still access during your time away:

Florence-Based Services

  • English-Speaking Psychological Services in Florence
    We have a team of English-speaking mental health professionals available to students.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    St. James, Via B. Rucellai 9, Firenze
    Tel: +39 338 389 1301 or +39 339 634 5884
    Meetings open on request (non-alcoholics are requested not to share)
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services (Ser.T)
    Ser.D Presidio Via Borgo Pinti 68r, Tel: +39 055/6934430
    Ser.D Presidio Lungarno Santa Rosa 13, Tel: +39 055/6935667