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SiNY Internships Placement Guide

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How does the placement process work?

The internship placement process is a collaboration between students and program staff that begins with a questionnaire, closely followed by a meeting with the director and internship placement manager to develop a plan of action. Program staff cultivate and contact options alongside a student’s independent search and outreach. Each step in the student’s internship search is an important component of SiNY’s experiential learning process.

What organizations can I choose from?

Stanford in New York has established partnerships with numerous organizations in New York City. Please refer to the Internship page for the quarter of interest for examples. However, no internship is guaranteed; students must apply and be offered a position.

In addition, students are not limited to existing partners but are free to research, explore, and apply to additional organizations of interest in the city. The program encourages exploration of options and participation in at least two interviews, if possible, before choosing an internship.

Key to the process is working closely with program staff.

In addition to student exploration, program staff will be facilitating interviews with partner organizations and cultivating new relationships based on student interest. They will also be making sure the process is fair for students interested in similar organizations. It is imperative that students keep in close contact with program staff throughout the process.

Can I find my own internship?

Yes. However, students should keep program staff apprised of the places under investigation and if an internship offer is received. All organizations must be vetted by Stanford in New York before a formal acceptance can be made.


  1. Application and acceptance to program: Two quarters prior
  2. Students complete Internship Placement Questionnaire, meet with program staff, and begin reaching out to organizations:
    • Fall Quarter: May
    • Winter Quarter: August
    • Spring Quarter: December/January
  3. Interviews and offers/acceptances usually occur during the quarter prior to program participation.

Examples of Internship Partners

Autumn Quarter Internships
Winter Quarter Internships
Spring Quarter Internships