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Coursework at Local Partner Institutions in Paris

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Ecole d'arts plastiques (EAP) - School for Studio Art

  • Quarter: Autumn, Winter or Spring.
  • Eligibility: One quarter stay. Priority is given to students majoring in product design, art and art history.
  • Courses: Painting, perspective, design, graphic arts and art history.
  • Structure: Some courses are accredited by the Department of Art and grades will be given by the course instructors.

The Sorbonne

  • Quarter: Autumn
  • Eligibility: One quarter stay (Autumn only, which corresponds to the 1st semester of the Sorbonne). Good language skills required (placed at least into OSPPARIS 23P upon arrival).
  • Structure: Students are assigned a tutor for weekly discussion and work sessions. The tutor will determine the final grade.

How do I apply to these courses?

Students already enrolled in the Stanford Program in Paris will receive specific messages from the Paris program staff one to two months prior to the beginning of the quarter with updated information on these course opportunities at local partner institutions (conditions may indeed vary slightly from one quarter to another). Students will be informed at that point on the action to take for applying (for example, often sending a resume or writing a letter of interest is required).