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Engineering and Technology in India

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Program Quick Facts

General Description

This seminar explores India's dynamic landscape of engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, and culture. Throughout this immersive program in Delhi, Agra, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai, participants delve into a variety of industrial and educational organizations. By examining key challenges and opportunities across various sectors, the seminar equips students with a nuanced understanding of how the country is navigating the intricate web of political, economic, and cultural contexts in India, fostering a holistic perspective on the nation's role in the global technological landscape.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of the seminar, students should be able to demonstrate an improved understanding of: 

  1. major industries, companies, and technologies in each location, 
  2. key challenges and opportunities facing various sectors, and 
  3. ways in which businesses and agencies operate within the political, economic, and cultural context of India.

Living and Travel Conditions

Students will live 2 in a room in a hotel for the duration of the seminar. There will be two in-country flights and the remainder of the travel will be by private coach. More details will come at a later time.


Mykel Kochenderfer is Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Assistant Professor, by courtesy, of Computer Science at Stanford University. He is the director of the Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory (SISL), conducting research on advanced algorithms and analytical methods for the design of robust decision making systems. He has lead Stanford programs to Morocco, UAE, Edinburgh, and India and has served as a faculty-in-residence in Oxford.

Grading Basis

Letter Grade