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Internships in Germany

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Stanford @ Charité Berlin: Women's Health in Comparative Perspective

The Berlin center of the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) at Stanford University and the specialist group for gynecology at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin is cooperating in the field of teaching and research.

The working group Tumor Bank Ovarian Cancer (AG TOC) of the Gynecological Tumor Center initially offers research internships for bachelor students who have previously taken courses at "Stanford in Berlin" and received a scholarship from the "Krupp Internship Program for Stanford Students in Germany." These internships are particularly suitable for students of biology and human biology, bio-chemistry and biomechanical engineering. As the program develops, we hope to offer a course in women’s health in the spring quarters of the Berlin BOSP center - specifically designed for prospective medical students in anticipation of their internships at Charité, but also open to qualified students who do not intend to do a subsequent internship.

As a pilot, BOSP-Berlin will offer a course on Ethics of Medicine in spring quarter 2024 by Faculty in Residence, Prof. Regina Casper. The first Charité Women’s Health intern — a student of biomechanical engineering – interned at the Charité in the summer of 2022.

Click here to download a pamphlet about medical internships offered through the Krupp Internship Program for Stanford Students in Germany.

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The Krupp Internship Program

Students who participate in the Berlin Program may be eligible for placement in the "Krupp Internship Program for Stanford Students in Germany." This program allows students to deepen their understanding of Germany’s culture and people, by providing them with the opportunity to gain practical, professional experience through an internship at a German host institution. A grant from the program’s sponsor, the German Krupp Foundation, supports students with an ample monthly stipend to cover their housing, food, and other living expenses.


Learn more about the purpose and history of the Krupp Internship Program. Read about the program sponsor, the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung.

Requirements for Participation

Find out what qualifies you to be a Krupp Intern, including necessary prerequisites and important information about the timing and duration of the internship.

How to Apply

Overviews and links for everything you’ll need to successfully complete your application.

Application Timeline

Key dates and useful information, including application deadlines and what to expect throughout the application process.

Selected Profiles of Past Interns

Read about the experiences of past Krupp Interns to understand the breadth and depth of what the Krupp Internship Program can offer.

Receiving Course Credit

Information about how to receive course credit for reflecting on your experience as a Krupp Intern.


Find answers to many of the frequently asked questions about the Krupp Internship Program.


Get in touch with the Krupp Internship Coordinator for the Berlin Program.