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Non-Stanford Study Abroad Opportunities

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BOSP may advise current Stanford students on the policies and procedures for participating in a non-Stanford Study Abroad Program.

While credit is guaranteed on Stanford-operated overseas programs, it is not guaranteed on non-Stanford study abroad programs. There are no approved programs. At this time, pre-approval for non-Stanford study abroad transfer credit is not possible. Non-Stanford study abroad programs refer to all academic programs offered overseas by other U.S. higher education institutions, third-party providers, or through direct enrollment in overseas institutions. Students considering non-Stanford programs should carefully read the Stanford University transfer credit policy conditions prior to committing to their participation.

Where to Begin

Not sure how to start when considering studying overseas on a non-Stanford program?

  • Review  University policies and procedures.
  • Make an appointment to speak with a non-Stanford Programs Advisor if you have questions about the process.

Study Abroad Approval Forms

Most non-Stanford study abroad programs require a home institution’s approval to study abroad. Stanford's Bing Overseas Studies Program does not review or evaluate Stanford students' applications to non-Stanford programs.  We cannot comment on students' judicial records, academic records, or credit transfer approvals, nor can we facilitate information requests on a student's behalf.  When Stanford students participate in programs outside of the Summer Quarter, they must take a leave of absence from Stanford and seek retroactive credit transfer for any work completed during their leave.  Organizations requiring any of the aforementioned information must seek this directly from applicants.

Transfer Credit

Academic work completed at another institution can be considered for credit if all Stanford University transfer credit policy conditions are met.

Stanford may award credit for coursework completed at U.S. and international colleges or universities. Undergraduate students may use transfer credits towards their overall university graduation requirements, major/minor requirements, and other degree requirements. Please refer to the Undergraduate Transfer Credit for more information.