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Before You Return

All BOSP participants must ensure that they register as full-time students for the academic quarter following their study away quarter, unless they are graduating seniors or taking a planned leave of absence from the University.



  • Axess is available 24 hours a day, though all deadlines are still set to Pacific Time at 11:59 p.m.
  • You will have access to computers at the program where you can log onto Axess. The availability of internet access will be dependent upon the program’s office hours.


  • As a BOSP participant, you are required to follow the same deadlines as students who are on-campus.
  • For a posting of these academic deadlines, log onto Axess to view the quarterly Time Schedule.

Graduating Seniors

  • If you plan to graduate at the end of your quarter overseas, you must apply to graduate before leaving to study overseas.
  • Coterminal students planning to have a BA and MA conferred on the same date must apply to graduate in both degree programs at the same time.
  • If you are graduating at the end of spring quarter, you should try to arrange to finish your courses a bit early in order for grades to be received in time for graduation.

NOTE: This is not possible for the Kyoto program and may be difficult to arrange for the Oxford program.

Leaves of Absence

If, while you are enrolled in a BOSP program, you decide to take a leave of absence from Stanford for any quarter, you must connect with an Academic Advisor to discuss your plan and complete the required paperwork. You should begin this process as soon as possible.

Housing & Dining

ALL students must reapply for on-campus housing, regardless of which quarter is spent away from campus. Students should check with the Housing Assignments Office for more information about deadlines, requirements, and waitlists.

University Bill

All BOSP participants must ensure that their account is current with Student Financial Services. Remember that you must be enrolled in order for a University Bill to be generated.

How To Pay

Please visit the Student Services Center website for details on payment process.