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What I Did in Australia

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Current Ambassador

Anika Quon

Major: Earth Systems

Minor: Data Science (+ Notation in Science Communication)

Current Ambassador

Emily Brieant

Major: Physics

Minor: Computer Science

Past Australia Student Ambassadors

Katelyn Tynan - Autumn 2018-19

The most beneficial academic experience for me in the BOSP Australia Program was learning about marine ecosystems in lecture and then putting this knowledge into practice studying these ecosystems in person on both Heron Island and North Stradbroke Island.

Nina Wagner - Autumn 2018-19

The courses in Australia expand far beyond the classroom, allowing us to be hands-on with the topics and environments we were learning about. Labs and coursework involved snorkeling, hiking, and many other experiences that felt more genuine that just listening to a lecture or reading through a powerpoint would. The targeted research project that each student is required to do also allowed us to go more in-depth with topics that appealed to us while participating in fieldwork or research.

Shriya Das (Human Biology) - Autumn 2017-18

I felt as though this program would expose me to parts of the Australian continent that I would never be able to explore as a mere tourist. Additionally, the hands-on fieldwork integrated into each class seemed like an incredible way to learn about Australia and its ecology. I had always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef and the Australia program allowed us to spend 2 weeks right on the Reef, 2 hours away from the mainland, snorkeling in a coral cay with enormous biodiversity.