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What I Did in Australia

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Past Australia Student Ambassadors

Katelyn Tynan - Autumn 2018-19

The most beneficial academic experience for me in the BOSP Australia Program was learning about marine ecosystems in lecture and then putting this knowledge into practice studying these ecosystems in person on both Heron Island and North Stradbroke Island.

Nina Wagner - Autumn 2018-19

The courses in Australia expand far beyond the classroom, allowing us to be hands-on with the topics and environments we were learning about. Labs and coursework involved snorkeling, hiking, and many other experiences that felt more genuine that just listening to a lecture or reading through a powerpoint would. The targeted research project that each student is required to do also allowed us to go more in-depth with topics that appealed to us while participating in fieldwork or research.

Shriya Das (Human Biology) - Autumn 2017-18

I felt as though this program would expose me to parts of the Australian continent that I would never be able to explore as a mere tourist. Additionally, the hands-on fieldwork integrated into each class seemed like an incredible way to learn about Australia and its ecology. I had always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef and the Australia program allowed us to spend 2 weeks right on the Reef, 2 hours away from the mainland, snorkeling in a coral cay with enormous biodiversity.

Brian Kim (Environmental Systems Engineering) - Autumn 2017-18

When deciding where to study abroad, I knew that I wanted an experience that involved hands on experiences. The Stanford in Australia program is uniquely hands on. From wading through mangroves to shooing away spiders from my tent, every aspect of the program involved interacting with and, inevitably, reimagining the environment in a way so distinctly disparate from how I view the environment in my daily life at Stanford.

Sierra Garcia (Earth Systems) - Autumn 2016-17

Going to Australia, and especially seeing the Great Barrier Reef, had been a dream of mine for my entire life. The heavy emphasis on hands-on fieldwork and outdoor learning in Australia is unmatched by any other BOSP program. I love the outdoors and study ocean science, so studying abroad in Australia was a no-brainer for me.

Japsimran Kaur (Human Biology) - Autumn 2016-17

Many of the classes in Australia also count for upper division units for my major, Human Biology. All of these factors, the opportunity to travel to multiple cities, to step outside of my comfort zone, and get credit for my major, helped me choose BOSP in Australia.

Daimen Sagastume (Biology) - Autumn 2015-16

I really wanted an outdoor experience with hiking and snorkeling, which I definitely got. I think that the Australia abroad program is unique in that it puts you in such remote locations that you never would've gone to on your own (e.g. Heron Island in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef or Chillagoe--a tiny town in the Outback). Moreover, I love that the program gives you the opportunity to move from location to location instead of staying in the same city for 10 weeks.

Emily Waltman (American Studies) - Autumn 2016-17

I learned from my study abroad experience that the things that scare me are the things most worth doing. Being abroad put me out of my comfort zone more times than I can count! Even before I landed Down Under, I was exceedingly uncomfortable; the idea of being so far away from my family sickened me. However, I never would have made so many great new friends, learned so much about Australian culture and ecology, and experienced such personal growth had I spent that quarter on campus. 

Jonathan Fisk (Earth Systems) - Autumn 2014-15

As far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to go to Australia, so when I saw that I could study there for several months, it was a dream come true! In regards to academics, I’m majoring and coterming in Earth Systems, focusing on marine ecology and fishery management, so naturally Australia was a perfect choice in this regard! Between the courses offered and the locations of the program, there was no way I could pass this opportunity up!

Tori Greenan (Energy Resources Engineering) - Autumn 2013-14

I knew coming into Stanford that I wanted to study abroad in Australia. The appeals included the time in Sydney, a city I always wanted to travel to, the outdoors hands-on classes, the TRP program, and the science focused academics.

Christina Morrisett (Earth Systems - Oceans) - Autumn 2013-14

I studied the influence of stingray foraging on invertebrate communities in tidal flats. When stingrays feed, they flap their wings to disturb the sediment in order to dislodge invertebrates – creating “potholes” all along the tidal flat.