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2022-23 Bing Overseas Studies Photo Contest

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Photo Contest Winners, from top

1. Arrival in Cape Town by Mai Ly Burke

Academic Pursuit Winner. Cape Town, Spring 2022-23
"After a long travel journey of over 24 hours for most of us, our cohort gathered together for the first time on the roof of our student residence. The incredible backdrop of Table Mountain doubled our excitement for the experiences to come in Cape Town!"

2. Counting Sea Snails by Abby Cummings

Academic Pursuit Honorable Mention. Palau Seminar, Summer 2021-22
Izzy Meyerson, Environmental Systems Engineering '24, uses a quadrat to count the number of Dendropoma maximum on a head of Porites lobata coral. We spent our time abroad in Palau, Micronesia to conduct research on its pristine coral reefs; Izzy and I were interested in the ecological association between these understudied sea snails the species of coral that they are most often found burrowing in.

3. Cuevas De Drach by Michael Massey

Bing Trip Winner. Madrid, Autumn 2022-23
This photo was taken in the famous Drach caves in Mallorca, Spain. The caves formed naturally due to clashing waves and erosion, creating a beautiful picturesque underground cave. Included in the photo of one of the caves ocean water pools. It was incredible to see such blue waters so deep down in the caves.

4. Olive Oil Tasting by Kellen Vu

Bing Trip Honorable Mention. Madrid, Winter 2022-23
During our Bing Trip to Seville, we made a stop at Almazara Basilippo to try a professional olive oil tasting. We learned that the only difference between green olives and black olives is how long they have ripened. We also learned that in order to appreciate the complete flavor of the olive oil, you have to inhale with a hissing sound so that the oil can touch all sides of your tongue.

5. Sparks of Glory: Florence’s Blazing Tradition by Jason Ping

Cultures, Customs, and Traditions Winner. Florence, Spring 2022-23
Early morning on Easter Sunday, a large group of the students in the cohort set out to view Florence’s annual Easter celebration. The Easter celebration at the Duomo is renowned for its grand finale: the explosion of the chariot, known as the "Scoppio del Carro" in Italian. This ancient ritual dates back centuries and symbolizes the city's wish for a prosperous year ahead. Excitement fills the air as the chariot is ignited, setting off a chain reaction of fireworks and pyrotechnics. The explosion signifies the triumph of good over evil and is believed to bring good luck and abundance to the city and its inhabitants. In this photograph, the moment of ignition is frozen in time, capturing the explosive energy and the glory that unfolds during this ancient tradition. The intricate details of the chariot and the fiery trail of sparks set against the magnificent Duomo combine to create a memorable moment I’m proud to have captured. The photo transports me back to Easter Sunday. The deafening sound and the brilliance of the spectacle fill the air, enveloping the gathered crowd in a palpable sense of excitement and reverence. As I look around, I’m surrounded by my Stanford peers, all of whom spent hours waiting together to be able to witness such a cultural momentous and unforgettable moment.

6. Reverie by Laura Futamura

Cultures, Customs, and Traditions Honorable Mention. Kyoto, Spring 2022-23
In the last week of the Kyoto BOSP program, my friends and I decided to do a kimono rental near the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha. We then took the subway all over Kyoto prefecture and even got McDonald's, all while wearing our kimonos. We took lots of pictures and had lots of fun. I took these photos of my good friend Lisa.

7. Extracurricular Calligraphies by America Sophia George

Photo Favorite Winner. Kyoto, Spring 2022-23
As part of our Bing Cultural Event series, my cohort had the opportunity to visit the temple of Taizo-in, situated within the Myoshin-ji complex. Under the guidance of a Zen Buddhist priest, we received a masterful lesson in the art of calligraphy (Shodo, 書道). As our visit drew to a close, we proudly displayed our creations amidst the idyllic backdrop of the temple's botanical pond garden. It is one of my favorite memories from my time abroad.

8. The Secret Tea Shop by Chloe Shrager

Photo Favorite Honorable Mention. Istanbul, Autumn 2022-23
In the middle of an 8-mile hike through the valleys of Cappadocia, Turkey, Nur Shelton and I stumbled across this tea shop literally in the side of a cliff, with nothing else surrounding it for miles. We were greeted by three generations of men, a grandfather, father, and young son, sitting around the fire brewing chai and other teas. Exhausted from our walk, we lounged there in the most serene and unexpected haven, silent from joy and comfort while we drank our mountain tea.

9. Mirror, Mirror for the Fall by Grace Lee

Urban and Natural World Winner. Kyoto, Autumn 2022-23
During most of my time in Japan, I found that my camera was unable to express the full extent of the sublime nature surrounding me. Although most of the famous fall-color viewing locations are temples, I found a treasure in a dyeing gallery in Arashiyama. Incredibly, the small reflective table enabled crystallization of my unforgettable study abroad experience.

10. From One of the Seven Hills by Jonathan Arnold

Urban and Natural World Honorable Mention. Summer Faculty Led Program 2021-22
The program in Jordan fascinated me because of its focus on the city as a concept and how that notion has evolved through time, with the modern capital of Amman, pictured here, at its center. There's a ton of academic jargon I could spit out regarding this very image of the very hilly city, but when asked to provide context all I can think about is how pretty it all is.