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Paris Research and Internships

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Internship Opportunities

Internships represent an excellent framework to develop academic study and to understand the underpinnings of a foreign culture. They also offer students in-depth exposure to French organizations.

Internships may involve on-site activity, observation or research positions offered by institutions affiliated with the Stanford program. Internship opportunities include French schooling (year-round), urban gardening (autumn and spring quarters), NGO (year-round), computer science (year-round), engineering (year-round), and biology research positions (winter quarter only).

The Internship Experience within the Academic Framework of Stanford-in-Paris: while Internships in themselves do not offer academic credit as such at Stanford, they do represent excellent supports for reflection and analysis on the part of students, much in the same way as do reading texts, or contemplating paintings in museums within the framework of classes. For each internship offered within the program, a study is organized through tutorial sessions under the supervision of a Stanford Academic Advisor who will be responsible for correcting an in-depth  internship report and for participating in the student’s formal oral presentation of his/her internship  experience. The Academic Advisor will work closely both with the internee, as well as with the internship supervisor within the sponsoring institution. Study appraisals will be based primarily on the depth and breadth of the research done for the report, clarity of expression, and on the student’s personal reflection on the internship experience as a whole.

For further information, please see the overview of Paris internship opportunities, or see the Course Search. Note - all internships have the word "internship" in the title.

How do I apply for these internships?

Students already enrolled in the Stanford Program in Paris will receive specific messages from the Paris program staff one to two months prior to the beginning of the quarter with updated information on these internship opportunities (requirements, projects or conditions may indeed vary slightly from one quarter to another). Students will be informed at that point on the action to take for applying (generally, sending a resume or writing a letter of interest).

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Grants for Research

Several grants are available through VPUE that can help support research abroad, including the Chappell Lougee Scholarship and Major Grant. For specific details regarding grant deadlines, eligibility, and policies for off-campus research, please visit the Student Grants Website.