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Paris at night


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Paris is one of those rare international hubs of political, economic, cultural and intellectual life that has fascinated the world for centuries. Students encounter French culture through classes taught in French by some of the country's most prominent professors, internships, French family life and other activities that make use of the rich academic resources Paris has to offer.

Winter quarter is special in Paris!

We now have a two track program, one offered to STEM/pre-health students, and another for students with interests in the humanities and the arts. Both tracks offer some very unique academic opportunities. Have any questions?

Read the Winter Quarter FAQs

On the bridges crossing the Seine, the sides are covered in hundreds of locks, mostly from tourists, who then throw the key into the Seine. It's a romantic tradition, often in view of the Eiffel Tower, that couples from all over the world come to do in the City of Love. They come to make a statement: that their love is everlasting and unbreakable, and their lock stands as a reminder for the rest of the world to see.
—Dominick Hing Paris, Spring 2018-19

BOSP - Life at Stanford in Paris

Internships and Special Opportunities

Erica Scott - My Experience in the Paris Program

Student Ambassadors

share their first-hand experiences about the program, what led them to choose the program, and some of the challenges they faced while studying abroad. Dive deeper into 'a day in the life' while abroad, as a particular student experience may help you decide if this program is right for you.

What I Did in Paris

Chad Brechbuhler

Major: Public Policy

Minor: Modern Languages 

A Windy Walk Around Mont-Saint-Michel Bay by Samantha Starkey Paris, Winter 2018-19

Samantha Starkey

Paris, Winter 2018-19
On a bright and windy February day, we donned water shoes and trekked around Le Mont-Saint-Michel with a guide who taught us about the ecology of the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay.